GEMMIES Clutch Necklace

GEMMIES Clutch Necklace

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This delightful GEMMIES™ Necklace’s full name is “Clutch My Pearls, but we’ve called her “Clutch” for short. This delightful piece is for those many “moments” of glee that call for a set of handy pearls. Clutch’s creamy glass pearls come together to embrace a double-sided red and white ceramic heart that’s stamped with “LOVE” on one side. Accented with bright pink glass beads, this charmer is finished with a heart dangle.

Adjustable GEMMIES™ Necklaces are finished with chain and a silver plated clasp for a perfect fit.

Necklaces recommended for ages 3 and up.

GEMMIES™ jewelry is hand made with love in Toronto.  Please note that due to this, there might be slight variations in bead colour and placement.