About Gemmies

Yummy and sophisticated children's jewelry for the budding fashionista!

Little girl wearing Gemmies jewelry

The Genesis of the Gemmies™ was in response to the wishes of a sassy five year old girl, with discretionary tastes, who demanded sparkly jewels one hot summer day. Today, our design secret is to create inspired pieces of jewelry by telling a story around a central bead, while continuing to make good on that "high-sparkle" factor.

To our delight, many of our treasured beads come from vintage European and Asian collections that have sat quietly undiscovered for well over half a century. Hence, when we combine vintage beads with modern ones from diverse cultures of Nepal, Japan, India, China, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, we produce a GEMMIE ... whimsical jewelry rich in colour, texture, and culture. This is the reason why GEMMIES™ are special.

GEMMIES™ are comfortably sized for Children (recommended ages 4 -12 years). Adjustable GEMMIES™ Necklaces are finished with chain and a sterling silver clasp for a perfect fit. GEMMIES™ Bracelets are strung on strong elastomere and fit comfortably on child sized wrists.

GEMMIES™ items are shipped in adorable custom packaging and are ready for all occasions and gift giving.